Hairstyle it like a pro with Hairbond: Interview with Hairbond owner Scott Michaels

3 min readFeb 23, 2021


If you haven’t already heard of the UK haircare brand Hairbond United Kingdom, then you’re in for a treat.

Back in 2008, this celebrity-loved, premium, professional hair styling range went global, taking on some of the biggest and most established hair care brands on the planet as it rode the wave of which the boom in male grooming, organically generated.

Now supported and endorsed by thousands of professional footballers, including England internationals such as Jamie Vardy, Jack Grealish, Harry Winks and Jordan Pickford, today we sit down with the brand founder Scott Michaels to discuss the journey of Hairbond AKA “The Premier League of Hair Products” and to find out what’s new.

Where did Hairbond begin?

After investing many hours researching the hair care market, it’s 13 years ago now since I had my vision for the Hairbond brand. It was working progress at first but it quickly turned into the full brand concept the more I thought about it.

I had a target audience, a high end British vision which would appeal to international markets and had found a gap at the premium end of the scale. Nobody was making professional quality hair products aimed at men who follow style, fashion and football.

Hairbond’s premium formulations was always going to make it an affordable luxury brand, I just needed to produce volume in order to get the global reputation we have built over the last decade. To date we’ve sold over 2 million products.

With the right ethos and matching popular high performance products, I knew that world styling enthusiasts would want to purchase Hairbond products at least a second time after they first experienced it. When it all finally came together, all we had to do was scale it with the right network of marketeers and international sales educators.

Where can you buy it today?

Originally the products were designed to be stocked in hair salons and barbershops who wanted to offer quality products to their list of services. Our mission was to make it as accessible as possible, so the more barbers who could introduce and educate clients on the products, the better. But since shopping has grown exponentially online, especially in more recent months, we have adapted to also working indirectly with the major online market places everyone has access to, which of course helps if your local salon or barbershop doesn’t carry the brand in their retail portfolio.

There’s lots of products in the range, where do you start?

Yes there are multiple colours and names all representing different types of hair styling products. It’s a rainbow to begin with but with process of elimination you can work out which one has been manufactured for your specific hair type and the style you want to create. If you’re struggling to determine what you should be looking at simply contact the team or ask your barber for recommendations.

Any new products?

As we entered the new decade, at the end of 2020 we released two brand new products. These new Hairbond products were designed, whilst being inspired by the anticipated changes in hairstyling trends we are sure to see over the next ten years.

We called them Super and Power. Both products have new, uniquely sweet fragrances, they are easily washed out and unlike any previous Hairbond products, contain a new key ingredient; keratin, which is a natural protein that strengthens the hair and the hair style. Both of these stronger holding products also have a matte, natural finish.




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