What You Can Learn From the Best News Website Designs

4 min readNov 23, 2021
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In the early days of the internet, many news websites struggled to cope with the need to go online. However, nowadays, they seem to have finally hacked how to get the most out of the use of the internet. Several news websites have outstanding user retention and engagement. Mashable, The Wire, BBC, CNN, Los Angeles Times, Sky News, and The New York Times are just a few of the news websites that fall into this category. Without a doubt, these websites are doing something right with their website designs.

So, if you want to build a great website, here are the essential things you can learn from the best news website designs.

· Content hierarchy is vital

Many individuals visiting news websites don’t want a complicated news arrangement. They don’t want to receive multiple news content at the same time as this can be overwhelming. The web designers of many news websites understand this fact. Hence, they have prioritized content hierarchy.

Content hierarchy means that the news content is organized with different elements such as blurbs, bold titles, etc. These elements ensure that the users can see the specific things that the websites want them to read. The users don’t feel overwhelmed as they can easily focus on certain things.

Therefore, if you are also creating a website, you must consider the content hierarchy for your design.

· Mobile-friendly can increase user retention

Of course, it is well-known that most users now access the internet via their mobile devices. So, the best news websites have been designed to display content on mobile devices optimally. Although some of these new agencies also offer mobile apps, they still don’t overlook the need for a mobile-friendly website. You must prioritize the need to make your website mobile-friendly.

· Content must be updated timely

Another important hack to learn from news websites is the timeliness of their content. Users are always looking for the news websites that break the news. They want to revisit websites that always update their content from time to time.

So, if you are also building a website, you must update your content regularly. While you may not need to update regularly like news websites, you must ensure that your website doesn’t look outdated.

· Ads must be less intrusive

If you can take the time to visit any of the aforementioned news websites, check out the ads on their pages. Although these websites have tons of ads, they are not intrusive. In other words, the ads don’t just show up and block readers from seeing the content on the page.

You must make sure that ads don’t block people from reading your content. WordPress and a few other tools can be used for managing the ads on your page. Ensure the ads are displayed without obstructing the views of the readers.

· Shareability is important

Nowadays, social media has made it easier for users to share what they have read or watched with their friends. Given this, the best news websites pay attention to the shareability of their content. Foremost, they create engaging content that many of their users will be willing to share. Additionally, they add social media buttons to their content s0 that readers don’t have to struggle to share the content.

Therefore, if you are investing in web design in Singapore, you must add share buttons to your content. You can also encourage your audience to click the share buttons.

· Long-scrolling pages can help to retain more customers

Most of the best news agencies use a long-scrolling page layout. This layout requires readers to continue scrolling down until they have found the specific article that they like. An alternative to long-scrolling page layout will require the users to click around until they find what they are looking for.

However, a long-scrolling layout tends to be more immersive as it keeps the readers engaged until they find what they want. It may even encourage some users to read what they normally wouldn’t have read.

· Fast loading speed

No internet user wants to waste several seconds or minutes waiting for your page to load. The best news websites know this fact and, as such, spend lots of money on having sites that load in less than 5 seconds. Therefore, you should also follow their footstep by making sure that your website has a fast loading speed.

Now, you understand what the best news website are doing right in their website designs. So, use this knowledge to improve your site.




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